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The Farrier's Bellows

Apr 29, 2019

The Call to Adventure
00:00:48 - Overview
00:03:12 - Things we liked about the game
00:11:05 - Things we had questions about
00:16:33 - Other things that stood out

Approach the Inmost Cave
00:19:38 - Navigating party complexity in Witch

I Wonder What Would Happen if...
00:33:30 - ...the other players set your scene for you
00:35:22 - ...we made our own characters
00:37:10 - ...if you added one more Act
00:38:07 - ...if you leaned into the theme of misogyny

Return with the Elixir
00:40:05 - Media recommendations
00:47:10 - Stories we’d like to tell with this game



Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne

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